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Secret Strategies for money making in Stock Market .
We provide you 10 DIfferent Trading strategies that is suitable for all type of market conditions.
Including Bullet Setup that provide you hgh accuracy in Day Trading as well as Swing trading.
My all strategies design based on Minimum Risk & Higher Reward because all are design based on BUY at LOW & SELL on HIgh .


If you are trading in Options then technical tools cannot help you much for making profitable trades in options because options premium depend on various factor like IV ,Interest rates ,strike price ,greeks.
According to me IV is most importat thing in options ,If you ahve knowledge of IV then only you can make money in options .
only one way to make money in Option buying always buy ITM/ATM options with cheap premium because cheap premium always become expensive as time passed .
In this course I wll teach you how to know options premium are cheap or expensive once you learn this after that YOU CAN PLAY WITH OPTIONS 


 Sharekhan is India’s leading broking house providing services from easy online trading, research to wide array of financial products.


Yes,We teach from the basic and already trained many students who are doctors,engineers and pilots as well.If they can do ,then you can do it too.

Yes, we do provide Video Courses, all benefits will remain same as Online Webinar. (4 Hour Video Content) with 6 Months Validity Live QnA Sessions.

Yes, you can definitely join next batch in this scenario.Not only this, even if uou have already attended a bathc ,you can still join any other batch without paying the fees again, as our aim is to educate retailers and make them independent.

Yes ,Sure you can pay in installments with easy EMI of 3,6,9 & 12 months .

Anybody who wishes to start traiding in the stock market can join ,No prior knowledge required .Our mentor will start teaching from very basic.

Yes,you will get ebooks (written by Ashish Yadav) after your training completion.

No, Don’t need any other special you can work on any free charting software which is available in google or provided by your broker.

Yes, you will get various free screeners at free of coast 

Training will be for 2 days ,2 Hour online session each day

After you will be added in our exclusive Student Telegram Channel where you can concern your doubt or directly can call me for your doubt ,even you can join our full repeat session at no extra coast .

You can start tradining from next day ,but for expertise you have to do practise for atleast 1 month.

Yes, you can get trades by clicking only scanners f you unable to do your homwork for tomorrow trading.

Yes ,Its very Risky for those who trade without any proper knowledge or training .

Mostly Hindi language with terminology in-English 

Online classes are conducted through zoom application

No, we are not provided any tips .after learning my course nobody needs to any type of tips. they can do trading byself 

Come experience the diffrence and invest in knowledge

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