ZERESEARCH is an initiative of Ashish Yadav, an experienced trader, Research analyst, and Mentor. He aims to spread his knowledge of the stock market to each and every person so that every person can get its benefits and able to earn huge profits from the stock market.

We provide Exclusive Intraday & Swing Trading Setup by using only 1 Indicator & 2 candlesticks pattern. By this concept, we always try to buy stocks at the bottom & always sell at the top.
So if you already buy any stocks at the bottom then obviously your stop loss will be very small & in comparison of the target.
The indicator will help you only the Stocks scanning process & candlesticks pattern will confirm your trades.

Many traders are confused for selecting stocks because in the stock market there are many stocks, so every trader confused for selecting stocks we promise you after our session, you will get stock for trading before one day, so no need to look up the whole market in live, just look only your selecting stocks.


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