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Ze research is an initiative of Ashish Yadav, an experience trader,research analysist and mentor, He aims to spread his knowledge of the stock market tp each and every person so that every person can get its benefits and able to earn huge profits from the stock market .
Zeresearch.com is the Best Stock Market Online Platform that provides you with Best Online Stock Market course in India.

Most of the people are losing money in options buying because of they are buying option with expensive premium. If you know what premium is expensive and what is cheap, then only you can make money in options buying. Only One way to make money in option buying, always buy ITM/ATM options with cheap premium because whenever you buy cheap premium your risk is always Low & very high chance to make money because if premium is cheap then it will be become expensive as time passed. If you are options buyers then only technical tools cannot help you much for making profitable trades in options, you need to identify ITM/ATM options with cheap premium once you find that then you’re winning probability is very high because option with cheap premium always become expensive as time passed. In this course I will teach you how to know options premium are cheap or expensive once you learn this after that you can play with options.

My 1st Achivement through Stock Market

My first exposure to the stock market was in 2015. I completed  my engineering in 2014 and started as a novice Day trader in the Stock Market and lost all my savings in no time, but somehow, I realized that I had a passion for trading.
After my failure in the first attempt,I have started doing business with Sharekhan as a Subbroker in 2016 

 I had learn from many gurus , but their strategies  not giving me any confidence, but, when I started working on my own strategies  . I was totally amazed by its accuracy when I tested it on the last few years of historical data. 
I have strated trading again in 2018 and only in next one year I have purchased my dream Car I 10 on 27th august 2019